Student        Age      Subject
Adam           15        Biology, Maths
Alex             14        Maths
Stuart          17        Maths

ID    Name      Department      Phone Number
1     Rajesh     Computer         3452342,1234563,2345612
2     Suresh     Electronics        2398521,2323177,5302994
3     Praba       Civil                 3958218
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TABLE :: Student   Age   Subject
1st Normal Form : any row must not have a column in which more than one value is saved
Student        Age           Subject
Adam            15             Biology
Adam            15             Maths
Alex              14             Maths
Stuart           17             Maths
2nd Normal Form : As per the Second Normal Form there must not be any partial dependency of any column on primary key. It means that for a table that has concatenated primary key, each column in the table that is not part of the primary key must depend upon the entire concatenated key for its existence. If any column depends only on one part of the concatenated key, then the table is NOT in Second normal form.
       First table
Student       Age
Adam           15
Alex             14
Stuart          17
      Second table
Student          Subject
Adam              Biology
Adam              Maths
Alex                Maths
Stuart             Maths
These  table can not be decomposed  any more as all of these are already normalized
Akhilesh Sharma
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TABLE :: ID   Name   Department   Phone   Number  `[` This table can also be normalised upto 2nf at max`] `         
First Normal Form (1NF) :
ID          Name             Department             Phone Number
1            Rajesh            Computer                  3452342
1            Rajesh            Computer                  1234563
1            Rajesh            Computer                  2345612
2            Suresh            Electronics                2398521
2            Suresh            Electronics                2323177
2            Suresh            Electronics                5302994
3            Praba              Civil                         3958218
Second Normal Form (2NF)
ID           Name            Department 
1             Rajesh           Computer
2             Suresh           Electronics    
3             Praba             Civil
ID           Phone Number
1             3452342
1             1234563
1             2345612
2             2398521
2             2323177
2             5302994
3             3958218
Akhilesh Sharma
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