Adarsh went to a casino with Rs.6400 and played a certain game 6 times. Each time he bet half
the money he had the time the chance of winning this game was ½ and adharsh won three of the
6 games even though he did not remember which 3 games he won.In each of these games
he won the amount equal to his bet.After the 6 games the money was
a)3200 b)2700 c)1280 d)cannot be determined
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1 Respond

1) half of 6400 = 3200 he bet 3200 and won 3200 thus total 9600
2) half of 9600 = 4800 he lost in bet.
3) half of 4800= 2400he bet and he won 2400 thus total is 7200
4) half of 7200= 3600 he lost in bet
5) half of 3600=1800 he bet and won 1800 thus total is 5400
6) half of 5400-2700 he lost in bet thus final total is 2700.
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